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E&K Trucking Company Boston

"Trust by the Truckload"

30 Years in Business

Modern City

Our Expertise

Loose Freight / Storage

Courier Services

Loose Freight

Warehouse Storage

Container Storage

E&K Trucking also offers additional services to keep your business operating at peak capacity:


Fleet of 26' Box Trucks for:

Loose Freight

Dry Goods


Container Splitting


Warehouse Storage for:

Loose Freight


Overnight Storage for Containers

OTR Delivery :

Maine - Virginia 

24 / 7 Availability

Competitive Rates

Fully Licensed & Insured

Company Info


Expert Transportation of Containers via the

Port of Boston & MA Railyards


Company Owned Chassis ONLY


Available Specialities Include:

20' & 40' Chassis

20' Tri Axles

20' / 40' Sliders

40' / 45' Sliders

40' Tri Axles 

Fully Licenesed & Insured

Container Services 

Trust by the Truckload

E&K Trucking Company is proud to be a leader in the container trucking & container transport industry, fulfilling the intermodal needs of companies within the New England region.

Our committed team of container transport service experts can deliver the solutions you need to keep your operations running smoothly & efficiently, while also providing additional services when the needs arise.

With over 30 years of intermodal experience, E&K Trucking has been a leader in domestic container for the container trucking industry, with a well-deserved and earned reputation for safety and reliability. Our committment to on-time and safe transportation of your cargo has enabled E&K to excel as a valued service provider in the Port of Boston and New England Railyards.  


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140 E Main St - 2nd Floor
Norton, MA 02766

508-230-5766 Office

617-633-6208 Office Cell

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